Musilia Cello Cases

The new Musilia cello cases are the newest and lightest cases on the market. They weigh in between 5.5 pounds for their lightest S3 model and to 8 lbs for the S1.  In general all three models (S1,S2 and S3) look exactly the same with exception of the S2 and S3 only coming with the 'Trans' carbon look, which is the carbon fiber weave pattern cloth through the see through acrylic hard coat.  These are very popular and there is usually a waiting list!  Having a super light cello case, while protective, offer a much healthier way to commute with your cello.  Less weight equals less wear and tear on you!!!

Because of the multitudes of colors that Musilia offers and the demand for these cases, we only take orders by phone: 800-600-2689.  The suggested retail price of the Musilia cases are as follows:

  • S1, comes in solid colors only, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Black, White, Silver, Red, Purple and Yellow, normal suggested price is $1080
  • S2 and the S3 both come in Silver, Trans black, Trans blue, Red and White.  The list price for the S2 is normally $1,665 and the S3, $2,184

We are very competitive with our prices and we offer very attractive prices which include Free Shipping on all Musilia cases.  Please call for current, low price: 800-600-2689

For more photos and detailed information, please visit our main web site, for Musilia Cello Cases.