Bobelock Cello Cases

We sell three models of  Bobelock cello cases:  Their famous Bobelock 2000 with wheels, the XL2000 (also has wheels) and the 'Slim' line with no wheels. 

Bobelock 2000 Case with wheels, $489 with Free shipping

The Bobelock 2000 fits about 95% of the standard full size (4/4) cellos.  The #2000 and the 'Slim' fits up to 17" across the widest distance of the lower portion (lower bouts) of the cello.  The XL is for wider cellos, up to 18" across the lower bouts. 

Cello case boxes are big and bulky.  While we do free shipping within continental USA.  For deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii, please call for exact shipping quote and orders. 800-600-2689


  Bobelock #2000 with wheels



$489 including FREE shipping


Bobelock 2000XL, $489

The Bobelock XL looks exactly like the 2000, just that it is bigger. It is also the same price ($489) as the #2000 cases, but come in less color choices.  In general, there's not usually a super abundance of color choices on the XL's, so we ask our customers to please call us first. We can confirm your color and then ship to you.

Our phone lines, 800-600-2689 or 480-785-5491


Bobelock Slim #2002 (no wheels) case, $425

The Slim #2002 is about 2 inches thinner than the #2000 and does not come with wheels.  Our price on these, $425 with the same free shipping included.







Bobelock #2002 Slim model, with NO wheels





 $425 free shipping


3/4 Bobelock Cello Cases

We don't stock a lot of 3/4 sized cello cases, but we can quickly ship you your case by ordering from Bobelock. Please call us directly to order these: 800-600-2689, $435 and free shipping.