Pirastro Perpetual Cello Strings

Here are Pirastro's new Perpetual cello strings.  They keep in Pirastro's well earned tradition of thePerpetual Cello Strings highest quality made string and alloy.  These strings are keeping with similar technologies used and  associated with Larsen Magnacore and Thomstik Versus.  The Perpetual is Pirastro's answer to Thomastik's Spirocore tungsten C and G strings, which are by far the most popular high end C and G.  Here with the Perpetuals, you have a very well balanced set of strings, yet warm and most of all...they're powerful. 

How do they play?  These strings are very well balanced from string to string.  They do not sound super bright, but are warm and have a quick break in period.  You won't have to play them in for weeks and wait for them to settle in. The new Perpetual strings are also easy to play and responsive.

Interestingly, they have one gauge, medium, but offer a 'solo' gauge tungsten C and G.  Usually the name 'solo' kicks the price up, but the two differing gauges here priced the same.  The 'Solo' gauges tend to be a little brighter than the regular gauge, but it often depends on the personality of the cello and player requirements.

Perpetual cello string Pirastro's new 'Perpetual' cello strings Price
PPC-100 Pirastro's Perpetual Cello Set
PPC-101 Perpetual cello set with Solo C and G
PPC-102 Perpetual A string (only in medium)
PPC-103 Perpetual D string (only in medium)
PPC-104 Perpetual G tungsten medium
PPC-105 Perpetual G tungsten SOLO
PPC-106 Perpetual C tungsten medium
PPC-107 Perpetual C tunsten SOLO