Thomastik Rondo Cello Strings

The new Rondo cello strings from Thomastik, are simply amazing strings.  With the recent new stringRondo Cello Strings and material technologies, the Rondos will surely become a main staple for cello players.  First, while they are very direct and clear sounding, they are super warm.  Players usually accustomed to the "newness" edgy sound at the beginning of the note vibration  of their favorite strings, will notice that the Rondos have a very open and warm reponse and responsiveness.  So much so that some have already commented to us that the new strings almost make their newer cellos sound more "old Italian" or that the cello shows a sweeter, warmer and expressive side they never had before. 

About the two A string choices.  While the Rondos (thankfully) come in one gauge, they do offer two distinct A strings:  When the Rondos first came out, only the RO41 string was available, but then soon after, they introduced anothe A string they call "A Experience"!  (RO41XP)  The XP is actually 700 grams lighter (tension) on your cello. Why order this one?  If you have an A string that tends to be "harsh" or just a little too stiff for your liking, this (XP) is your string then.  Another great attribute with the XP A string is that with the lighter tension, it frees up the entire range (all 4 strings) which warms up the cello, widening the response and tonal spectrum for the whole instrument. 

Unfortunately, as most everyone knows, the only way to know for sure which one your cello (and you) will like more, is to try them both and compare!!  We offer an exclusive here for those that want to buy a set, but we include BOTH A strings, at significant discount to you.  

Rondo Cello Strings Thomastik Rondo Cello Strings Price
RO-100 Complete Rondo Set with medium A
RO-101 Complete Rondo set with XP Experience A
RO-10XP Complete Rodo set, with BOTH A strings (5 strings altogether)
RO-102 Rondo A string (medium), "RO41"
RO-103 Rondo A Experience string (lower tension) "RO41XP"
RO-104 Rondo D string
RO-105 Rondo G string
RO-106 Rondo C string