Leatherwood Bespoke Cello Rosin

This rosin was developed and made in Australia by a professional violin player. Our firstLeatherwood Bespoke Cello Rosin obviousimpression on the new Leatherwood Bespoke Cello Rosin is, "Geez, $67 for rosin, are you kidding?" Forget it! One also quickly notices that it doesn't look or feel like any rosin that they've seen before.  The rosin is longer (3.75") and is molded into a nice wooden  "trough" with which you nicely fit your cello bow into and apply it vigorously up and down.  The rosin itself comes in two grades: "Supple" or "Crisp". 

Which one to get?
  There are a couple of factors to help you decide:  One, is your climate.  If you live in a hot, humid climate, you might be better to get the "crisp".  the "crisp" is slightly harder and with the humidity will grab fine.  On the hand, say that it's winter: Cold and dry weather.  Then "supple" will work nicely and in the dryer condition, help your bow hair grab a little better.  One thing for sure, this in not your "old, cello teacher's Bernadel rosin!" It's made on a very high level of consistency and to quote one of our long-time professional customers, "it grabs well, but helps the cello sounds warmer and fuller".  Perhaps, the rosin helps pull more sound out, but we can see the quality just by holding in our hands.  Leatherwood cello rosin

The leather wrap is a nice touch.  This rosin is expensive (for rosin), but it's worth it and with the leather wrap around, it will protect it for years to come.

You can buy the Leatherwood Bespoke cello rosin here, or go back to the cello rosin page:

Leatherwood Bespoke, $67